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Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra

 Shree Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra Lyrics

Nishank ho, Nirbhai ho, Mana re

Prachand swamibal pathishi re

Atarkya avdhut he smartu gami

Ashakyahi shakya kartil swami || 1 ||

Jithe swami pai tithe nyun kai

Swaye bhakt prarabdha ghadavi hi mai

Aadhne vina kaal na nei tyala

Parlokihi nahi bhiti tayala || 2 ||

Ugachi bhitosi bhai he palude

Javali ubhi swami shakti kalude

Jagi Janm mrutyu ase khel jyancha

Nako ghabaru tu ase baal tyancha || 3 ||

Khara hoi jaga tu shradhesahit

Kasa hoshi tyavin tu swamibhakt

Kitinda dili bol tyanech haat

Nako dagmagu swami detil haat || 4 ||

Vibhuti naman naam dhyanarth tirth

Swamich ya panch pranabhrutat

He tirth ghe athavi re prachiti

Na sodel swami jya ghei hati || 5 ||

Swami Samarth Tarak Mantra Meaning

O mind, be fearless and doubtless

You have a tremendous power of Swami behind you

Swami is difficult to understand by logic, he is beyond the duality, ego, just think about him

Swami will convert impossible into possible || 1 ||

Where you have Swami’s presence

Nothing is lacking there

Swami writes the destiny of his devotees

Even death can not touch Swami’s devotee without his permission

Swami’s devotee is fearless in his afterlife as well || 2 ||

Don’t afraid, let your fear run away

And realise that you have the powerful Swami standing with you

Birth and death in this world is just game of him

Do not afraid because he is your mother || 3 ||

Get a real awakening along with devotion

Otherwise, how will you become a swami devotee

Remember how many time he supports you

So do not waiver, he is and will with you forever || 4 ||

Holy ashes, bowing for prayer, chanting, holy name, meditation, taking holy water

Swami is the essence of these five elixirs of the soul

Take this holy water, remember his grace and experience you had with him

Swami never ever abandons one who he has lent a saying hand || 5 ||