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Social Cause

As some one Said


"Happiness doesn't result from what we get but from what we Give"




Provide shelter and food to stray Cows (Gau Seva)


We at Bhawati Dhyan provide meal to stray and Sick Cows in Gaushala and aid them with medicine ,We are planning to extend this program to limit less for Humanity in coming time.


Our goal is to help the needy, misfortunate Human beings (Widows, Jobless, Orphans, Beggars, Homeless, Poor) and make world a better place to live


If you also want to be part of this noble cause then do not hesitate to donate with open heart through our Donation Page and don't forget to text us or leave a comment with transaction number for record through  our contact us page. We Love to give updates to the people who supported us in this community service by personal message.



Blessing, Kindness to the Humanity and Love to All


Guru Maa

Bhawati Dhyan