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Vishnu Sahasranamam

Vishnu Sahasranama: (1000 names of Vishnu)

 Vishnu Sahasranamam Lyrics in Hindi, Sanskrit and English

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Shlokha 1:

1. Vishvam: He who is the Universe, reason for Universe, the entire being.

2. Vishnu: He who isAll Pervading, Omnipresent, Remover of darkness

3. Vashatkara: One who controls and directs

4. Bhuta-Bhavya-Bhavat-Prabhu: Lord of past, present and the future.

5. Bhuta-Krit: Creator of all beings.

6. Bhuta-Bhrt: The sustainer of all beings.

7. Bhavah: He who exists with all the splendor and independent of anything else.

8. Bhutatma: The Atma or soul of all beings

9. Bhuta-bhavanah: One who nourishes and nurtures all beings.

Shlokha 2:

10. Putatma: One who has a pure Atma.

11. Paramatma: The Supreme Soul.

12. Muktanam Parama Gatih: One who is the ultimate goal for all Souls

13. Avyayah: He who is Indestructible and who gives moksha

14. Purushah: One who existed before anything else, one who completes existence.

15. Sakshi: One who directly witnesses everything. 

16. Kshetrajnah: One who can direct to the place to reach supreme bliss.

17. Akshara: One whose greatness never diminishes.

Shlokha 3: 

18. Yogah: One who alone is the definite and unobstructed means to salvation.

19.  Yogavitam neta: One who leads those who practice yoga until they reach their Goal.

20.  Pradhana Purusha Isvarah: One who is the Lord of Primordial Matter as well as the Jivas.

21.  Narasimha Vapuh: One who possesses a body of man and lion combined. 

22.  Sriman: One with a lovely form.

23.  Kesavah: One with lovely locks of hair.

24.  Purushottamah: The Supreme amongst the Purushas

 Shlokha 4:

25. Sarvah: One who is all

26. Sharvah: The Remover of all sins.

27. Shivah: One who confers auspiciousness.

28. Sthanuh: One who is gives blessing to the devotees.

29. Bhutadih: Source of the Pancha Bhoota.

30. Nidhiravyayah: One who is the never ending treasure.

31. Sambhavah: One who manifests in any form to those who sincerely seek Him.

32. Bhavanah: One who regenerates all

33. Bharta: One who supports all

34. Prabhavah: One whose birth is of a sublime nature.

35. Prabhuh: who is all powerful.

36. Isvarah: One who has the supreme power of control 

Shlokha 5:  

37. Svayambhuh: He who manifests Himself by His own free will.

38. Shambhuh: One who causes happiness to everyone by the beauty of His appearance

39. Adityah: One who is the Adityas.

40. Pushkarakshah: The Lotus-eyed.

41. Maha-Svanah: He of the venerable sound

42. Anadi-Nidhanah: One who is without beginning or end.

43. Dhata: The creator

44. Vidhata: The producer

45. Dhaturuttamah: One who is the best

Shlokha 6:

46. Aprameyah: One who cannot be defined but who can only be experienced

47. Hrshikesah: Controller of the sense-organs

48. Padma-Nabhah: One from whose navel the universe emanates.

49. Amara-Prabhuh: The Lord of the immortal gods.

50. Visva Karma: The Creator of the Universe.

51. Manuh: The Great Thinker

52. Tvashta: One who created all the different forms and names in this Universe

53. Sthavishthah: One who is huge in size

54. Sthavirah: One who has always existed

55. Dhruvah: One who is unaffected by Time, Unchanging, Permanent.

Shlokha 7:

56. Agrahyah: One who is beyond understanding

57. Shashvatah: One who is eternal.

58. Krshnah: One who has a dark-blue complexion and all attractive

59. Lohitakshah: One with eyes red like the beautiful lotus flower.

60. Pradrdanah: The Destroyer.

61. Prabhutah: One who is endowed with wisdom and greatness

62. Tri-kakud-dhama: Master of three worlds

63. Pavitram: Purity Incarnate.

64. Mangalam Param: The Embodiment of Supreme Auspiciousness.

Shlokha 8:

65. Isanah: The controller.

66. Pranadah: Giver of life

67. Pranah: Life force

68. Jyeshthah: Oldest

69. Sreshthah: Most praise-worthy.

70. Prajapatih: Lord of mankind.

71. Hiranyagarbah: He who resides in a lovely Abode.

72. Bhugarbhah: Protection of the Earth

73. Madhavah: who is born in the race of a Yadhava called Madhu and for whom there is no Lord

74. Madhusudhanah: The slayer of the evil demon called Madhu.

Shlokha 9:

75. Isvarah: The God

76. Vikram: The most courageous and powerful

77. Dhanvi: The wielder of the bow

78. Medhavi: One who has good memory

79. Vikramah: One with great strides such as in the Vamana incarnation

80. Kramah: One who is the basis for the order in the Universe

81. Anuttamah: One for whom there is nothing superior or better.

82. Duradharshah: One who cannot be overcome by others

83.  Krtajnah: One who is grateful

84.  Krtih: One who leads to good deeds

85.  Atmavan: The real owner of souls

Shlokha 10:

86. Suresah: The Lord of all the other gods.

87. Saranam: One who is the Refuge

88. Sarma: One who is Bliss.

89. Visvaretah: The seed for the Universe.

90. Prajabhavah: One from whom all beings have originated.

91. Ahah: Protector of Devotees

92. Samvatsarah: He who lives for the upliftment of His devotees.

93. Vyalah: One who is beyond grasp

94. Pratyayah: One who can be relied upon

95. Sarvadarsanah: One who shows his grace to all

Shlokha 11:

96. Ajah: Unborn and the Remover of all obstacles

97. Sarvesvarah: One who is the isvara for all isvaras.

98. Siddhah: One who is reachable and knowledgeable.

99. Siddhih: The Goal.

100. Sarvadih: The Origin or Cause of all things.

101. Acyutah: One who undergoes no changes like birth, decay etc.

102. Vrishakapih: One who lifted the Earth in the form of Varaaha.

103. Ameyatma: One whose nature cannot be comprehended.

104. Aarva yoga vinissritah: One who is beyond any attachment.

Shlokha 12:

105. Vasuh: One who dwells in the hearts of His devotees.

106. Vasumanah: One who has good mind

107. Satyah: The Truth.

108. Samatma: One who has a balanced mind.

109. Sammitah: The One Truth who is accepted by the Rsihis and revealed in the Upanishads. 

110. Samah: One who treats all His devotees equally.

111. Amoghah: One who always gives fruits to those who worship him.

112. Pundarikakshah: One whose eyes are beautiful like the lotus flower.

113. Vrishakarma: One who is of righteous actions.

114. Vrishakriti: One who is an embodiment of dharma.

Shlokha 13:

115. Rudrah: One who destroys misery.

116. Bahu-sirah: One who is multi-headed

117.  Babhruh: The Supporter.

118.  Visva-yonih: The cause of this world

119.  Suci-sravah: One who listens to words which are pure

120.  Amritah: One who is nectar to His devotees.

121.  Sasvata-sthanuh: One who is Eternally Firm.

122.  Vararohah: One who is the most supreme object of attainment.

123.  Maha-tapah: One who is endowed with great knowledge.

Shlokha 14:

124. Sarva-gah: One who reaches all.

125. Sarva-vit: One who is the All-knower.

126. Bhanuh: One who shines.

127. Vishvak-senah: One who has his army for the protection of all.

128. Janardanah: One who destroys the wicked and protects people.

129. Vedah: One who is the embodiment of scriptures.

130. Vedavit: The true knower of the meaning of the vedas

131. Avyangah: One who has no imperfections.

132. Vedangah: One who has Vedas as his body

133. Vedavit: One who knows the true meaning of Vedas

134. Kavih: One who cognizes beyond ordinary perception.

Shlokha 15:

135.  Lokadhyakshah: Lord of the worlds

136.  Suradhyakshah: Master of the devas

137.  Dharmadhyakshah: Master of dharma

138.  Kritakritah: The giver of blessings

139.  Caturatma: One whose Self has a four-fold manifestation.

140.  Catur-vyuhah: One with four forms

141. Catur-damshtrah: Four teeth.

142. Catur-bhujah: One with four arms.

Shlokha 16:

143. Bhrajishnuh: One who is effulgent.

144. Bhojanam: One who is the object of enjoyment.

145. Bhokta: One who Enjoys

146. Sahishnuh: The Forgiver.

147. Jagadadijah: He who was born at the beginning of the Universe.

148. Anaghah: One who is uncontaminated and pure

149. Vijayah: One who is victorious

150. Jeta: The conqueror

151. Visva-yonih: The Cause of the Universe.

152. Punarvasuh: One who lives again and again as the antaratma of all his creations.

Shlokha 17:

153. Upendrah: One who appeared as the younger brother of Indra.

154. Vamanah: One with the Dwarf form

155. Pramsuh: one who is big

156. Amoghah: One whose acts are never purposeless.

157. Sucih: One who is Pure.

158. Urjitah: One who is endowed with good strength

159. Atindrah: One who is lord of Indra.

160. Samgrahah: He who is easily reached

161. Sargah: The creator of Himself.

162. Dhritatma: The supporter of all the jivatmas.

163. Niyamah: The Controller.

164. Yamah: The Ruler.

Shlokha 18:

165. Vedyah: He who can be realized.

166. Vaidyah: The knower of vidya

167. Sada-yogi: One who is in constant yogic meditation

168. Vira-ha: The slayer of wicked

169. Madhavah: The propounder of the knowledge of the Supreme Being.

170. Madhuh: One who is like honey to His devotees.

171. Atindriyah: He who is beyond the range of the sense organs.

172. Maha-mayah: One who is possessed of wonderful power of enchantment.

173. Mahotsahah: One who is of great enthusiasm.

174. Maha-balah: One with immeasurable strength

Shlokha 19:

175. Maha-buddhih: He of infinite knowledge.

176. Maha-vIryah: He of great virility and strength

177. Maha-Saktih: Of immense power.

178. Maha-dyutih: He of great splendor.

179. Anirdesya-vapuh: He who possesses an indescribable body.

180. SrIman: Possessed of beauty.

181. Ameyatma: He of an incomprehensible nature.

182. Mahadri-dhrit: The bearer of the great mountain.

Shlokha 20:

183. Maheshvasah: The discharger of great arrows and wielder of bows

184. Mahi-bharta: The bearer of the earth.

185. Srinivasah: In whom Lakshmi resides.

186. Satam-gatih: The Ultimate Goal for all spiritual seekers.

187. Aniruddhah: One who cannot be obstructed by anyone.

188. Suranandah: One who gives delight to the gods.

189. Govindah: One who is praised by the gods

190. Govidam patih: The protector of those who know the Vedas.

Shlokha 21:

191. Maricih: Ray of light. 

192. Damanah: One who directs in correct path

193. Hamsah: One who is like the swan.

194. Suparnah: One possessed of charming feathers

195. Bhujagottamah: The Master of the Serpent AdiSesha.

196. Hiranya-nabhah: One who supports in His navel the creator, hiranyagarbha.

197. Sutapah: One who is possessed of supreme knowledge.

198. Padmanabhah: One who has the lotus emanating from his navel

199. Prajapatih: The Lord of beings.

Shlokha 22:

200. amrityuh: One who is beyond death or decay.

201. sarvadrik: One who can see-everyting.

202. simhah: One who is The Lion

203. sandhata: One who unites His devotees with Him and responsible for fruits of their actions.

204. sandhiman: One who is always united with His devotees.

205. sthirah: One who is firm in His relation to His devotees.

206. ajah: One who is Unborn

207. durmarshanah: The Unassailable.

208. sasta: The Teacher.

209. visrutatma: One whose Atma is of a special Nature.

210. surari-ha: The slayer of the enemies of the gods.

Shlokha 23:

211. gurur-guru-tamah: One who is the foremost among the preceptors.

212.  dhama: One who is The Abode of all desired things.

213. satyah: One who is The Truth.

214. satya-parakramah: One who is of great valor.

215. nimishah: One whose eyes are closed.

216. animishah: One with eyes closed.

217. sragvi: Adorned with the garland.

218. vacaspatih: The Lord of Speech.

219. udara-dhih: One with vast knowledge.

Shlokha 24:

220. agranih: One who leads forward.

221. gramanih: Leader of the demi-gods.

222. sriman: one who is The Lord of Mahalakshmi.

223. nyayah: One who is The Just.

224. neta: One who fulfills the requests of His devotees.

225. samiranah: One who controls all movements in beings.

226. sahasra-murdha: One who is the thousand-headed.

227. visvatma: One who is the very soul of the Universe.

228. sahasra-akshah: One who is the thousand-eyed.

229. sahasra-pat: The thousand-footed.

Shlokha 25:

230. avartanah: He who turns the wheel of worldly life or samsara.

231. nivrittatma: He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires.

232. samvritah: He who remains hidden.

233. sampra-mardanah: The dispeller of darkness.

234. ahah-samvartakah: The regulator of time.

235. vahnih: One who is the bearer of fire.

236. anilah: One who is the Giver of life-breath.

237. dharani-dharah: The bearer of the Earth.

Shlokha 26:

238.  su-prasadah: The Giver of good favors.

239.  prasannatma: He with a delightful nature.

240.  visva-srit: The Creator of the Universe.

241.  visvabhug-vibhuh: He who pervades all things and protects them.

242.  satkarta: He who honors the good.

243.  satkritah: He who is worshipped by the sadhus.

244. sadhuh: One who carries out the wishes of his devotees.

245.  jahnuh: The Concealer.

246.  narayanah: The Supporter of all the souls.

247.  narah: He who is imperishable.

Shlokha 27:

248. asankhyeyah: One whose attributes are Innumerable.

249. aprameyatma: One who cannot be known through knowledge.

250. visishtah: He who is Superior.

251. sishta-krt: He who makes His devotees eminent.

252. Sucih: One who is Pure.

253. siddharthah: One who is in possession of all desirable things.

254. siddha-sankalpah: One whose wishes are always fulfilled.

255. siddhi-dah: The bestower of siddhi-s or super-human powers.

256. siddhi-sadhanah: One who makes the means for siddhi pleasant.

Shlokha 28:

257. vrishahi: One who shines in the form of dharma.

258. vrishabhah: He who showers his grace.

259. vishnuh: One who pervades everything.

260. vrisha-parva: He who has provided the steps of dharma to reach Him.

261. vrishodarah: One who has dharma as his belly.

262. vardhanah: He who nourishes.

263. vardhamanah: He who grows.

264. viviktah: He who is unique.

265. sruti-sagarah: He who is the sea where all Vedas take us.

Shlokha 29:

266. su-bhujah: One with majestic arms.

267. dur-dharah: One who is difficult to comprehend

268. vagmi: He who has words which are praise-worthy.  

269. mahendrah: The God of Indra and other gods.

270. vasu-dah: The Giver of wealth.

271. vasuh: He who is Himself the wealth sought by those who have realized the Truth.

272. naika-rupah: He who is of Infinite forms.

273. brihad-rupah: He who is of an immense form.

274. Sipi-vishtah: He who pervades the rays.

275. prakasanah: One who illumines everything.

Shlokha 30:

276. ojas-tejo-dyuti-dharah: One who is endowed with strength, vigor and brilliance.

277. prakasatma: He of a nature that is well-known to all.

278. pratapanah: He who destroys his enemies.

279. Rddhah: He who is full in all respects.

280. spashya-taksharah: He of clear words.

281. mantrah: One who represents the mantras.

282. candra-amsuh: He who is possessed of the effulgent rays like those of the moon.

283. bhaskara-dyutih: He who has the effulgence of the sun.

Shlokha 31:

284. amrta-amsu-udbhavah: The source of nectar-rayed moon.

285. bhanuh: The lustrous Sun or One who is Radiant.

286. sasabinduh: One who controls the paths of the planets and the stars.

287. suresvarah: The Lord of the gods.

288. aushadham: The Medicine.

289. jagatah-setuh: The bridge for crossing the ocean of samsara.

290. satya-dharma-parakramah: One whose qualities and valor are always true.

Shlokha 32:

291. bhuta-bhavya-bhavan-nathah: The Lord of all in the past, present and future.

292. pavanah: He who moves like the wind.

293. pavanah: He who purifies everything.

294. analah: One who always confers good

295. kama-ha: The Destroyer of desires.

296. kama-krt: One who creates desirable things, and also fulfils the desires.

297. kantah: He who is charming.

298. kamah: One who is Lovable

299. kama-pradah: The Grantor of wishes.

300. prabhuh: One who has the supreme power to attract the minds of all towards Himself.

Shlokha 33:

301. yugadi-krt: The Creator at the beginning of a yuga.

302. yugavartah: He who revolves the yugas.

303. naika-mayah: He who is responsible for wonders.

304. mahasanah: He who is a voracious eater.  

305. adrsyah: He Who cannot be seen.

306. vyakta-rupah: He of a manifest form. 

307. sahasra-jit: The Conqueror of thousands. 

308. ananta-jit: One whose victory is endless.

Shlokha 34:

309. ishTah: One who is liked by everyone.

310. aviSishTah: He who is impartial to everyone.

311. SishTeshTah: He who is dear to eminent persons.

312. SikhanDI: He who wears a peacock feather.

313. nahushah: One who binds.

314. vRshah: He who is the embodiment of dharma.

315. krodha-hA: He who does not have anger.

316. krodha-kRt: He who developed anger.

317. kartA: He who slays.

318. visva-bahuh: He who has arms for the good of the world.

319. mahI-dharah: The Supporter of the world.

Shlokha 35:

320. acyutah: He who does not fall from His status.

321. prathitah: One who is famous and with great reputation.

322. pranah: The Life-Breath.

323. prana-dah: The Life-Giver.

324. vasavanujah: The younger brother of vasava or indra.

325. apam-nidhih: The Sustainer of the waters of the ocean.

326. adhishthanam: The Support.

327. apramattah: The Vigilant.

328. pratishthitah: He who is self-dependent.

Shlokha 36:

329. skandha: He who destroys.

330. skanda-dharah: The Supporter of skanda.

331. dhuryah: The Supporter.

332. vara-dah: The Grantor of boons.

333. vayu-vahanah: He who has Vayu as His vehicle.

334. vasu-devah: He who pervades everywhere

335. brhad-bhanuh: He who has brightness

336. adi-devah: The First Deity.

337. purandarah: The Destroyer of the sufferings.

 Shlokha 37:

338. a-sokah: The dispeller of sorrows.

339.  taranah: He who takes others to the other shore.

340. tarah: The Savior.

341. surah: The Valiant.

342. saurih: The son of valiant people.

343. janesvarah: The Lord of the people.

344. anukulah: One who is within bounds.

345. satavartah: He who has several incarnations to sustain dharma

346. padmi: He who carries the lotus in His hand.

347. padma-nibhekshanah: One who has eyes which resemble the lotus.

Shlokha 38:

348. padma-nabhah: One with a lotus-like navel.

349. aravindakshah: The Lotus-eyed.

350. padma-garbhah: He who is installed in a lotus.

351. sarira-bhrt: The Protector of the bodies of everyone through food and life-energy.

352. maharddhih: He of immense riches.

353. rddhah: One who keeps growing; Prosperous.

354. vrddhatma: One who is full-grown.

355. mahakshah: One with Great Eyes.

356. garuda-dvajah: One who has Garuda in His banner.

Shlokha 39:

257. atulah: One who is the Incomparable.

358. sarabhah: The Destroyer of evil.

359. bhimah: The Formidable.

360. samayajnah: The Knower of the conventions.

361. havir-harih: Hari who is the recipient of the havis offered in the yajna.

362. sarva-lakshna-lakshanyah: He who is the abode of all the auspicious qualities

363. lakshmIvan: He who is always with Lakshmi.

364. samtinjayah: He who is victorious in battles.

Shlokha 40:

365. viksharah: He who never wanes.

366. rohitah: He who is of red complexion.

367. margah: He who is sought after.

368. hetuh: The Cause.

369. damodarah: One who was tied around His waist by ropes by Yashodha.

370. sahah: He who has patience.

371. mahidharah: The Supporter of the Earth.

372. mahi-bhagah: He who is extremely Fortunate.

373. vegavan: He who is quick.

374. amitasanah: The voracious Eater

Shlokha 41:

375. udbhavah: He who removes and is beyond the bondage of samsara.

376. khsobhanah: The Creator of beauty.

377. devah: He who is the light.

378. srI-garbhah: He who has Lakshmi in Him in the form of the Universe.

379. paramesvarah: The Supreme God.

380. karanam: The Means.

381. karanam: The Cause

382. karta: The Agent.

383. vikarta: He who undergoes modifications.

384. gahanah: He who is deep.

385. guhah: The Savior.

Shlokha 42:

386. vyavasayah: The Pivot of the solar system.

387. vyavasthanah: The basis.

388. samsthanah: The final end.

389. sthana-dah: The Giver of the Supreme Abode.

390. dhruvah: The fixed pole star.

391. pararddhih: He who is full of noble and auspicious qualities.

392. parma-spashtah: He whose greatness is explicit.

393. tushtah: He who is full of happiness.

394. pushtah: He who is full of noble qualities.

395. subekshanah: He who has auspicious eyes.

Shlokha 43:

396. ramah: He who delights others.

397. viramah: He before whom all become powerless.

398. virajo-margah: He who shows the flawless path.

399. neyah: He who lets Himself be governed by devotees

400. nayah: He who draws everyone towards Himself.

401. anayah: He who cannot be spirited away.

402.  virah: Valiant

403. saktimatam-sreshthah: The Greatest among the powerful.

404. dharmah: Virtue Incarnate.

405. dharmavid-uttamah: The foremost among those who are conscious of dharma.

Shlokha 44

406. vaikunthah: Remover of obstacles to merge the soul. 

407. purushah: The Purifier.

408. pranah: The vital life -breath.

409. pranadah: He who deserves to be worshiped.

410. Pranavah: OM, The Supreme Sound

411. prthuh: Well-known.

412. hiranya-garbhah: He who delights everyone’s heart.

413. satru-ghnah: The Slayer of the enemies.

414. vyaptah: He who is full of love and affection.

415. vayuh: He who moves towards devotees.

416. adhokshajah: He whose prominence does not get diminished.

Shlokha 45:

417. rtuh: He who is the Seasons

418. sudarsanah: He who provides auspicious vision.

419. kalah: He who measures everyone’s karma and doles out the phala.

420. parameshthi: He who resides in the Supreme Abode, Sriviakuntham.

421. parigrahah: He who takes all with Him.

422. ugrah: The Formidable.

423. samvatsarah: He in whom everything resides.

424. dakshah: He who is quick in action.

425. visramah: The Place of Rest.

426. visva-dakshinah: He who is well-disposed towards all.

Shlokha 46:

427. vistarah: He who is spread out in everything.

428. sthavar-sthanuh: He who is tranquil after establishing the dharma.

429. pramanam: The Authority.

430. bijam-avyayam: The Seed Imperishable.

431. arthah: The Goal

432. anarthah: He who is not the goal for some.

433. maha-kosah: He who has a great treasure.

434. maha-bhogah: He who has objects of great enjoyment.

435. maha-dhanah: He of great wealth.

Shlokha 47:

436. anirvinnah: He who is never despondent.

437. sthavishthah: He who is Immense.

438. bhuh: The supporter.

439. dharma-yupah: He who is united with dharma.

440. maha-makhah: The Great yajna-svarupi.

441. nakshatra-nemih: He who makes the stars move.

442. nakshatri: He who is the stars.

443. kshamah: He who is competent.

444. kshamah: He who is in a diminished form.

445. samihanah: He who establishes and assigns duties to all others.

Shlokha 48:

446. yajnah: The Sacrifice.

447. ijyayah: He who is the only to be worshipped.

448. mahejyah: He who is the best among all to be worshipped.

449. kratuh: He who is to be worshipped through the sacrifices called kratus.

450. satram: He who is worshipped by the sacrifice called satram.

451. satam gatih: The Goal of the pious.

452. sarva-darsI: The one who knows and can see everything.

453. nivrttatma:  He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires.

454. sarvajnah: The Omniscient. 

455. jnanam-uttamam: The Greatest Knowledge.

Shlokha 49:

456. su-vratah: He who protects anyone who surrenders.

457. su-mukhah: He with a charming face.

458. sukshmah: Subtle, delicate and difficult to comprehend.

459. su-ghoshah: He who is praised by the delightful voice of the Vedas.

461. su-hrt: The good-hearted and a true Friend.

462. mano-harah: He who captivates the heart.

463. jita-krodhah: He who has overcome anger.

464. vira-bahuh: He of mighty arms.

465. vidaranah: He who cuts the sins of His devotees.

Shlokha 50:

466. svapanah: He who lulls people into sleep.

467. sva-vasah: He who is under His own control.

468. vyapi: The Pervader.

469. naikatma: He of diverse forms.

470. naika-karma-krt: He who performs diverse acts.

471. vatsarah: He who lives within all beings and in whom everything resides.

473. vatsi: He who possesses lots of calves and children

474. ratna-garbhah: He who is in possession of abundant wealth.

475. dhanesvarah: The quick giver of wealth.

Shlokha 51:

476. dharma-gup: He who protects dharma.

477. dharma-krt: He who induces His devotees to follow dharma.

478. dharmi: He who has dharma as an instrument.

479. sat: He who is commendable.

480. aksharam (sat): He whose existence is never diminished or destroyed in any way.

481. a-sat: That which does not exist now, but existed in the past as well as future.

482. asat-ksharam: He who moves away from the bad.

483. avijnata: The Non-cognizant.

484. sahasramsuh: He who has a thousand rays

485. vidhata: The Supreme Controller.

486. krta-lakshanah: He who has prescribed the distinguishing characteristics for the pious.

Shlokha 52:

487. gabhasti-nemih: He who has the effulgent cakra as His weapon.

488. sattva-sthah: He who is in the hearts of the devotees.

489. simhah: He who took the nrisimha form.

490. bhuta-mahesvarah: The Supreme Lord of all beings.

491. adi-devah: He who is the first cause and is endowed with effulgence.

492. maha-devah: The greatest god.

493. devesah: The Ruler of Gods.

494. deva-bhrit: The Supporter of gods. 

495. guruh: The teacher.

Shlokha 53:

496. uttarah: The Savior of devotees

497. go-patih: The Master of all words

498. gopta: The Savior.

499. jnana-gamyah: He who is to be realized by knowledge.

500. puratanah: The Ancient.

501. sarira-bhuta-bhrit: He who supports all the tattvas which constitute the sarira

502. bhokta: The Enjoyer.

503. kapindrah: The Lord of the monkeys.

504. bhuri-dakshinah: The giver of liberal gifts.

Shlokha 54:

505. somapah: He who drank the soma juice after performing sacrificial offerings in His Rama incarnation.

506 – amritapah: The drinker of nector.

507. somah: The Nectar orThe moon.

508. puru-jit: The Conqueror of all.

509. puru-sattamah: He who remains with the great.

510. vinayah: The Subduer.

511. jayah: He who is victorious.

512. satya-sandhah: He whose promises are always true.

513. dasarhah: He who is worthy of gifts.

514. sattvatam-patih: The Lord of the sattvatas.

Shlokha 55:

515. jivah: He who gives life to His devotees.

516. vinayita: He who shows the path to everyone.

517. sakshi: The witness.

518. mukundah: He who gives moksha.

519. amita-vikramah: He of boundless valor.

520. ambho-nidhih: He who has the waters as His abode

521. anantatma: The Inner Soul of ananta.

522. mahodadhi-sayah: He Who is reclining in the vast ocean.

523. antakah: He Who brings out the end of all.

Shlokha 56:

524. ajah: He who is not born.

525. maharhah: He who is worthy of worship.

526. svabhavyah: He who is to be meditated upon by those who belong to Him.

527. jitamitrah: a) He who helps His devotees conquer enemies such as anger, kamam, ahamkaram, mamakaram, etc.

528. pramodanah: He who is always joyful.

529. anandah: He Who is Bliss.

530. nandanah: The Bliss-Giver.

531. nandah: He Who is full of things that are Blissful.

532. satya-dharma: He Who performs His dharma truthfully.

533. tri-vikramah: He Who pervades the three Vedas and worlds.

Shlokha 57:

534. maharshih: The Great Seer.

535. kapilacaryah: He Who is a teacher.

536. krtajnah: He Who remembers the good deed done.

537. medinipatih: The Lord or Protector of the Earth.

538. tripadah: He Who is in the form of pranava mantra with three letters.

539. tridasadhyakshah: The Savior of the thirty-three gods.

540. maha-sringah: The Big-tusked Varaha. 

541. kritantakrit: He who kills death himself.

Shlokha 58:

542. mahavarahah: He Who appeared in the form of the Great Boar.

543. govindah: One who is praised by the gods.

544. sushenah: He who is equipped with a body with suddha sattva sakti.

545. kanakangadi: He Who is adorned by armlets of gold.

546. guyhah: He who is concealed.

547. gabhirah: He who is deep or mysterious.

548. gahanah: He who is beyond comprehension and Inexplicable.

549. guptah: He who is hidden.

550. cakragadadharah: The bearer of the discus and the mace.

Shlokha 59:

551. vedhah: The Provider.

552. svangah: He who is both the Instrumental Cause and the Material Cause of the Universe.

553. ajitah: He who is unconquered, and unconquerable.

554. krshnah: One who is always in a state of Bliss and the Dark-hued. 

555. drdhah: He who assumes firm and concrete vyuha forms for the benefit of His devotees

556. sankarshanah: He who draws others near Him.

557. acyutah: One who never slips from His glory

558. varunah: He who envelops. 

559. varunah: He who is with those who have sought Him as their Lord or svami.

560. vrikshah: He who provides shade like a tree

561. pushkarakshah: He who has beautiful lotus-like eyes.

562. maha-manah: He who has a great mind.

Shlokha 60:

563. bhagavan: He who is worthy of worship.

564. bhagaha: He who is possessed of auspicious qualities. 

565. nandi or anandi: He who has nanda as His father

566. vanamali: He who has the vanamala garland.

567. halayudhah: One who has the plough in His hand.  

568. adityah: who was son of Aditi in her previous birth.

569. jyotir-adityah: The Resplendent Sun

570 sahishnuh: He who is endowed with enormous patience.

570. gati-sattamah: The best instructor in the path of dharma.

Shlokha 61:

572. sudhanva: He Who has a splendid bow.

573. khanda-parasuh: He with the broken axe.

574. darunah: He who is merciless to those who deviate from the path of virtue.

575. dravina-pradah:  The Bestower of wealth.

576. divisprk:  He who touches the skies.

577. sarvadrk: He who is in the form of knowledge of all forms.

578. vyasah: He who arranged the Vedas and the puranas

579. vacas-patih: The Master of words.

580. ayonijah: The Unborn.

Shlokha 62:

 581. tri-sama: He who is propounded by the three-fold Sama Veda.

582. sama-gah: The singer of Sama.

583. sama: He who removes the sins of those who sing about Him.

584. nirvanam: He who is the cause of Bliss to His devotees.

585. bheshajam: The Remedy.

586. bhishak: The Physician.

587. sannyasa-krt: He who leads you to sanyassa.

588. Samah: He who instructs on how to control anger.

589. Santah: He whose mind is always tranquil.

590. nishtha: The object of concentration. 

591. santih: Peace and the object of meditation.

592. parayanam: The Ultimate Means.

Shlokha 63:

593. Subhangah: He Who has a handsome form.

594. santi-dah: The bestower of eternal peace.

595. srashtA: The Creator.

596. ku-mudah: He who is happy in His relation to this world in various forms.

597. kuvalesayah: He who is reclining in the waters surrounding this earth.

598. gohitah: He who looks after the welfare of the world.

599. gopatih: The Lord of the Celestial world.

600. gopta: The Protector.

601. vrshabhakshah: He who is the Support for the cycle of samsara in the form of dharma.

602. vrshapriyah: He who is dear to the virtuous.

Shlokha 64:

603. anivarti: He Who does not turn away from dharma under any circumstance. 

604. nivrttatma: He whose Nature is superior to everything.

605. samkshepta: He who constrains or limits.

606. kshema-krt: He who does what is good for His devotees.

607. sivah: He who gives auspicious things to His devotees.

608. srivatsa-vakshah: He who has the Srivatsa mole on His chest.

609. srI-vasah: The Abode of Lakshmi.

610. srI-patih: The Consort of Lakshmi

611. srImatam-varah: The Best Among those who possess affluence and knowledge.

Shlokha 65:

612. Sridah: The Giver of Glories.  om Sridaya namh.

613. SriSah: He Who is the lord of Sri.

614. Srinivasah: He who is in The Abode of Lakshmi

615. Srinidhih: He in whom lakshmi or wealth resides.

616. Srivibhavanah: He who owes His greatness to Lakshmi.

617. Sridharah: The Bearer of Sri.

618. Srikarah: He who is with Lakshmi in his incarnations.

619. sreyas-sriman: He who has Lakshmi who is resorted to by devotees for attaining the good.

620. loka-trayasrayah: He Who is the Resort for all three worlds.

Shlokha 66:

621. svakshah: The Beautiful-Eyed.

622. sva’ngah: The Lovely-bodied.

623. SatAnandah:  He of infinite Bliss.

624. nandih: He who is ever delighted.

625. jyotir-gaNeSvarah: The Lord of the host of lustrous deities

626. vijitAtmA: He whose mind has been conquered by devotees.

627. vidheyAtmA: He who has the jiva-s as subservient to Him.

628. sat-kIrtih: He of true renown.

629. chinna-samSayah: The Dispeller of all doubts.

Shlokha 67:

630. udirnah: He Who visibly manifests Himself through His incarnations.

631. sarvatash-cakshuh: He Who is visible to the eyes of all.

632. anisah: He Who has no one above Him as the Master.

633. sasvata-sthirah: He Who is eternally existent and steady. 

634. bhusayah: He who lies inside every one of His creations as their antaryami.

635. bhushaNah: He Who becomes adorned

636. bhutih: He Who is the personification of Glory

637. asokah: He Who is without sorrow.

638. sokanasanah: The Destroyer of sorrows.

Shlokha 68:

639. arcishman: He Who has great luster.

640. arcitah: He Who is worshipped.  

641. kumbhah: He Who shines in this world.

642. visuddhatma: He of a pure nature.

643. visodhanah: The Purifier.

644. aniruddho:  One who cannot be restricted.

645. apratirathah: The Matchless.

646. pradyumnah: He Who illumines the jivas.

647. amitavikramah: He of immeasurable steps.

Shlokha 69:

648. kalaneminiha: The destroyer of the wheel of ignorance of Time.

649. saurih: The son of Sura

651. sura-janesvarah: The Chief of the sura-s or the valiant people. 

652. tri-lokatma: He Who is the atma for everything in all the three worlds.

653. tri-lokesah: The Ruler of the three worlds.

654 kesavah: One who has beautiful locks of hair.

655. kesiha: He who killed the asura by name Kesi. 

656. harih: The green-hued.

Shlokha 70:

657. kama-devah: The One who grants all desires.

658. kama-palah: The Protector of those who desire Him.

659. kami: He who is of fulfilled desires.

660. kantah: He Who is charming.

661.krtagamah:  The Revealer of the sacred mantra-s to the pure-minded. 

662. anirdesya-vapuh: He of indefinable form.

663. vishnuh: The Pervader.

664. virah: The Valiant.

665. anantah: The Limitless.

666. dhananjayah: He Who surpasses all other wealth in being desired.

Shlokha 71:

667. brahmanyah: He who is beneficial to anyone pursuing Brahman.

668. brahma-krt-brahma: The Creator Who created Brahma

669. brahma: The Supreme Brahman, Paramatma. 

670. brahma-vivardhanah: He Who grows and nurtures everything in a big way

671. brahmavit: The Knower of the Vedas.

672. brahmanah: The Instructor of the Vedas.

673. brahmi: He who possesses all the brahmanic qualities

674. brahmanjah: The Knower of the inner meaning of the Vedas.

675. brahmana-priyah: He Who is specially liked by the brahamanas.

Shlokha 72:

676. mahakramah: He Who provides easy step-by-step access for the elevation of His devotee.

677. mahakarma:He of great actions.

678. mahatejah: He of great Resplendence.

679. mahoragah: He Who has the serpent ananta as His bed.

680. mahakratuh: He Who is worshiped by the great yagas.

681. mahayajva: He Who performs great sacrifices. 

682. mahayajnah:  He Who manifests Himself in the form of the best of yajnas.

683. mahahavih:  He Who is worshiped with supreme oblations. 

Shlokha 73:

684. stavyah: He Who is worthy of praise.

685. stava-priyah: He Who is pleased by the praise in whatever form it is offered.

686. stotram: The ultimate chant.

687. stutah: He Who is praised.

688. stota: He Who praises those who extol Him.

689. rana-priyah:  He Who delights in battle.

690. purnah:  He Who is complete.

691. purayita: The Fulfiller of the desires of His devotees.

692. punyah: The Purifier.

693. punya-kirtih:  He Whose kirti or praise is also purifying

694. anamayah: He Who is beyond pain or suffering

Shlokha 74:

695. mano-javah: He Who is swift as thought.

696. tIrtha-karah: He Who is the source of the holy waters.

697. vasu-retah: The Source of Luster.

698. vasu-pradah: The Giver of Treasure.

699Vasu-Pradah: The giver of glory.

700. vasu-devah: The presiding Deity of the dwadasakshari 12-lettered vasu-deva mantra.

701. vasuh: The Dweller in the hearts of His devotees. 

702. vasu-manah: He Who has a pure mind without any afflictions.

703. havih:  He who is the Sacrificial Offering.

Shlokha 75:

704. sadgatih:  He Who who provides the right path for the good.

705. satkrtih: He who is full of good actions.

706. satta: Existence Incarnate.

707. sadbhutih: He Who is endowed with rich glories

708. satparayanam: The Support for the good.

709. sura-senah: He with a valiant army.

710. yadu-sreshthah: The pre-eminent among the Yadavas.

711. sannivasah: The Abode of the saintly.

712. suyamunah: He Who lifts up and protects the jivas during the time of pralaya.

Shlokha 76:

713. bhutavasah: He Who is the abode of all creatures.

714. vasudevah: He who is the light 

715. sarvasunilayah: The Abode and support of all souls.

716. analah: He Who is never satisfied that He has done enough for His devotees.

717. darpaha:  The Destroyer of pride.

718. darpa-dah:  The Bestower of beauty and attractiveness in everything.

719. adrptah:  He Who is not proud Himself.

720. durdharah: He Who is difficult to control

721. aparajitah:  The Invincible.

Shlokha 77:

722. visvamurtih: He Who has the Universe as His body.

723. mahamurtih: He of Immense form

724. diptamurtih:  He with a shining form.

725. amurtiman: He Who has no fixed Forms

726. anekamurtaye: He of many forms.

727. avyaktaha:  He Who cannot be easily realized. 

728. Satamurtisa: He with a hundred forms. 

729. satanana: He Who is many-faced.

Shlokha 78:

730. Ekah: One Who is Unique and matchless in all respects.

731. naikah: He Who is not One only.

732. sah: He Who spreads knowledge.

733. vah: The Dweller.

734. kah: He Who shines.

735. kim: He Whose praise is sung by His devotees,

736. yat: That Which already exists. 

737. tat: He Who increases the kIrti of His devotees. 

738. padam anuttamam: The Supreme Goal. 

739. loka-bandhuh: One to Whom everything is bound since He is their Support. 

740. loka-nathah: The Protector of the world. 

741. Madhavah: The Consort of Lakshmi.

742. bhakta-vatsalah: Affectionate towards the devotees

Shlokha 79:

743. suvarna-varnah: The golden-hued.

744. hema’ngah: He of golden-hued limbs.

745. vara’ngah: He Who displayed His Divine Form to devaki in response to her prayers. 

746. candana’ngadI: He Who is adorned with delightful armlets.

747. viraha: The Slayer of the strong demons. 

748. vishamah: He Who destroyed the effect of the poison that was consumed by rudra during the churning of the Milk Ocean.

749. sunyah: He Who is without any attributes

750. ghrtasIh: He Who sprinkles the world with prosperity

751. a-calah: He Who is unshakable against His enemies.

752. calah: He Who moves

Shlokha 80:

753. a-manI: He Who is not proud. 

754. mana-dah:  He who honors others

755. manyah: The Object of honor.

756. loka-svamI: The Master of the Universe.

757. tri-loka-dhrt:  He who supports the three worlds

758. su-medhah: He who has good intentions.

759. medha-jah: He who was born as a result of a sacrifice. 

760. dhanyah: The Blessed.

761. satya-medhah: He of true thoughts

762. dharadharah: He Who supports the earth.

Shlokha 81:

763. tejo-vrshah: He Who showers His splendor on His devotees in the form of His protection.

764. dyuti-dharah:  He Who is like a majesty.

765. sarva-Sastra-bhrtam-varah: The Best among those warriors who are armed with all weapons. O

766. pragrahah: The Controller.

767. nigrahah: He Who has a firm control over all creation.

768. vyagrah:  He Who has no end. 

769. naika-sr’ngah:  He Who has many rays of effulgence radiating from Him. 

770. gadagrajah: The elder brother of gada 

Shlokha 82:

771. catur-murtih:  He of Four Forms.

772. catur-bahuh: The Four-armed.

773. catur-vyuhah: He of the form of four forms

774. catur-gatih: He Who is in the form of the four purusharthas.

775. catur-atma: He Who has four forms in His vyUha incarnation. 

776. catur-bhavah: The Source of the four – varnas, asramas, purursharthas, etc. 

777. catur-veda-vit: He Who is the Knower of the four Vedas. 

778. eka-pat: He Whose manifestation in the form of this Universe is only one-fourth of Himself.

Shlokha 83:

779. samavartah: He Who takes incarnations again and again for the benefit of His devotees.

780. nivrttatma: He whose mind is turned away from worldly attachments.

781. dur-jayah: He Who is Invincible.

782. dur-atikramah:  He Who cannot be bypassed by those who seek relief from samsaraw

783. dur-labhah: He Who is difficult to attain for those who are not single-minded in their devotion to Him.
784. dur-gamah: 
He Who is difficult to attain because of His Effulgence.

785. dur-gah: He Whose realization is constrained by our own limitations. 

786. dur-avasah: He whose place of residence (Sri vaikunTham) is not easy to attain.

787. durari-ha: The Dispeller of the evil-minded enemies.  

Shlokha 84:

788. Subha’ngah: He with an auspicious form that is meditated upon by His true devotees.

789. loka-sara’ngah: He Who is reachable through the essence (sara) of the vedas, namely pranava. And is the object of devotion (loka-sara).

790. su-tantuh: He Who has expanded this Universe starting from Himself.

791. tantu-vardhanah: He Who augments the expansion of Himself into this world, by protecting it.

792. indra-karma: He Who is responsible for the powers of indra.

793. mahA-karma: He of magnanimous actions.

794. krta-karma: One Who has achieved all there is to achieve.

795. Krtagamah: The Propounder of spiritual texts.

Shlokha 85:

796. udbhavah: He Who rose above samsara.

797. Sundarah: He Who is handsome. 

798. sundah: He Who is soft to His devotees.

799. ratna-nabhah: He with a gem-like navel.

800. su-locanah: One with beautiful eyes.

801. Arkah: He Who is praised.

802. vaja-sanih: He Who provides for the nourishment of all His creation.

803. sr’ngi: He Who had a horn in His matsya and varAha incarnations.

804. jayantah: The Conquerer.

805. sarva-vij-jayI: He Who is Omniscient and Victorious.

Shlokha 86:

806. suvarna-binduh: He Who has a beautiful form with golden-colored beautiful limbs

807. a-kshobhyah: He who is unshaken by desire.

808. sarva-vag-isvara-isvarah: The Lord of all who have a mastery over all words.

809. maha-hradah: He Who has created the great oceans so that the earth does not become completely dry and perish.

810. maha-gartah: The Great Charioteer of mahabharata fame. 

811. maha-bhutah: He Who considers great men as His own. 

812. maha-nidhih: He Who has the great treasure in the form of His devotees.  

Shlokha 87:

813. kumudah: He Who is on this earth with delight by enjoying the association with His devotees.

814. kundarah: The Bestower of the knowledge of the Supreme Reality

815. kundah: He Who cleanses the sins of His devotees. 

816. parjanyah: He Who bestows His blessings on the devotees like the rain-cloud. 

817. pavanah: He Who is the forrn of the wind. 

818. anilah: He Who is easily accessible to His devotees

819. amrtasah: He Who feeds His devotees with the Nectar –

820. amrta-vapuh: He of a Nectar-like body. 

821. sarvaj~nah: He Who knows all. 

822. sarvato-mukhah: He Who has faces on all sides.

Shlokha 88:

823. su-labhah: He Who can be easily attained.

824. su-vratah: He Who has taken a good and strong vow.

825. siddhah: He Whose protection is ever available for his devotees.

826. Satru-jit-satru-tapanah: He Who occupies the bodies of Satru- jits to torment His devotees’ enemies.

827. nyag-rodhodumbarah: He Who has the most auspicious SrI vaikuntham as His abode and He Who is ‘above the sky’

828. asvattah: He Who has established the demi-gods for performing various functions

829. canurandhra-nishudanah; He Who slew the wrestler by name canura. 

Shlokha 89:

830. sahasrarcih: The Thousand-rayed who illumines everything in this Universe.

831. sapta-jihvah: The seven-tongued.

832. saptaidhah: One Who is kindled in the form of fire by the seven kinds of offerings.

833. sapta-vahanah: He Who has seven vehicles in the form of the seven Vedic mantra-s represented by the seven horses of the Sun:

834. a-murtih: He Who does not have a body that is affected by karma

835. an-aghah: He Who is of blemishless character.

836. a-cintyah: He Who cannot be completely comprehended in our minds.

837. bhya-krt: He Who causes fear.

838. bhaya-nasanah: He Who destroys fear.

Shlokha 90:

839. anuh: He Who has the power of being smaller than anything small that is known to us.

840. brhat: The Great.

841. krsah: He Who is lighter than the light and is thinner than anything thin

842. sthulah: He Who is immense. 

843. guna-bhrt: He Who supports the three guNa-s of sattva, rajas, and tamas.

844. nir-gunah: He Who is bereft of the common qualities and has special flavours.

845. mahan: He Who is supreme in everything.

846. a-dhrtah: The Unconstrained. 

847. sva-dhrtah: He Who is Self-sustained and superior

848. svasyah: He Who has a glorious status and is superior over the mukta-s.

849. prag-vamsah: He Who is the cause of the eternally free souls

850. vamsa-vardhanah: He Who keeps His progeny growing 

Shlokha 91:

851. bhara-bhrt: He Who shoulders the burden.

852. kathitah: He Whose greatness is extolled by all the Vedas, Puranas, etc.

853. yogI: He Who is endowed with super-human powers. 

854. yogisah: He Who is the foremost Lord of all yogins.

855. sarva-kama-dah: He Who bestows all desires.

856. asramah: He Who provides an abode of rest for the seekers.

857. Sramanah: He Who makes it possible to continue the effort of uncompleted yoga in the next birth. 

858. ksamah:  He Who alone is left behind at the time of pralaya. 

859. suparnah: One Who has beautiful wings and He has suparna – Garuda as His vahana.

860. vayu-vahanah: He Who makes the wind flow for the benefit of sustaining life.

Shlokha 92:

861. dhanur-dharah: The wielder of the bow.

862. dhanur-vedah: The Propounder of the science of archery.

863. dandah: He Who is verily the weapon (power) of yama – the danda.

864. damayita: The Subduer of the enemies of His devotees.

865. a-damah: He Who is not subdued by anyone.

866. a-parajitah: He Who is invincible.

867. sarva-sahah: The Supporter of all the other deities.

868. niyanta: He Who directs.

869. niyamah: He Who controls. 

870. yamah: He Who is beyond yama or mrityu .

Shlokha 93:

871. sattva-van: He Who controls the sattva guna that paves the way for liberation

872. Sattvikah:  He Who confers the fruits of sattva guna

873. Satyah: One Who is well-disposed towards pious souls.

874. satya-dharma-parayanah: He Who is pleased with the true dharma practiced by His devotees

875. abhiprayah: He Who is the object of choice.

876. priyarhah: He Who is rightly the object of love.

877. arhah: The greatest Lord to be worshipped.

878. priya-krt: He Who does what is wanted by others.

879. prIti-vardhanah: Who increases the joy of His devotees

Shlokha 94:

880. vihayasa-gatih: He Who is the means for the attainment of paramapadam.

881. Jyotih: The Light that leads to Sri Vaikuntham and is self-luminous.

882. su-rucih: He of lovely effulgence

883. huta-bhug-vibhuh: He that is the Bright Fortnight of the Moon.

884. ravih: The Sun with his brilliance.

885. virocanah: He of various splendors – such as Sun, moon, day, night, etc.

886. suryah: One who generates Sri or brilliance in surya or agni.

887. Savita: He Who produces or brings life in the form of the Sun.

888. ravi-locanah: He Who illuminates.

Shlokha 95:

889. ananta-huta-bhug-bhokta: He Who is indra and brahma

890. sukha-dah: The Giver of Bliss to His devotees.

891. naika-dah: The Giver of many things

892. agra-jah: He Who manifests in front of the mukta-s.

893. a-nir-vinnah: He Who is not tired of fulfilling the wishes of His devotees.

894. sada-marshI: He Who is ever patient

895. lokadhishthanam: The Support of all the worlds.

896. adbhutah: He Who is extremely wonderful.

Shlokha 96:

897. sanat: The Object of enjoyment.

898. sanatana-tamah: The Most Ancient.

899. kapilah: He Who is of beautiful complexion.

900. kapir-avyayah: He Who enjoys the never-diminishing Bliss.

901. svasti-dah: The Giver of Auspiciousness.

902. svasti-krt: The Doer of good to the devotees. 

903. svasti: He Who is Auspiciousness.

904. svasti-bhuk: The Protector of all that is auspicious. 

905. svasti-dakshinah: He Who gives auspicious things as dakshina to his devotees. 

Shlokha 97:

906. a-raudrah: He Who is not driven to anger easily.

907. Kundali: He Who is bedecked with beautiful ear-rings.

908. cakrI: One with the Discus in His arm.

909. vikrami: He Who has great prowess.

910. urjita-sasanah: He of inviolable commands.

911. sabdatigah: He Who is beyond words.

912. sabda-sahah: He Who shoulders the burden

913. sisirah: He Who rushed to render help.

914. sarvari-karah: He Who had the destructive weapons in his hands.

Shlokha 98:

915. a-krurah: He Who was not cruel.

916. pesalah: He Who is charming and soft

917. dakshath: He Who removes evil elements very quickly

918. dakshinah: He Who is pleasing and amiable.

919. kshaminam-varah: The foremost in bearing the burden of protection of His devotees

920. vidvat-tamah: The Best among those who know what to do.

921.  vita-bhayah: He because of Whom fear is dispelled.

922. punya-sravana-kIrtanah: He Whose nama sravanam and kirtanam are purifying.

Shlokha 99:

923. uttaranah: He Who lifts up.

924. dushkrti-ha: He Who slays the evil-doers

925. punyah: The Purifier.

926. dus_svapna-nasanah: The Remover of evil dreams.

927. vIra-ha: He Who is most powerful.

928. rakshanah: The Savior.

929. santah: He Who makes those who have sought refuge in Him prosper.

930. jivanah: The Life-Giver.

931. paryavasthitah: He Who stands beside.

Shlokha 100:

932. ananta-rupah: He of infinite Forms.

933. ananta-srih: He of infinite wealth, glory, power, etc.

934. jita-manyuh: He Who has conquered His anger.

935. bayapahah: He Who destroys the fear in the mind of the devotee.

936. catur-asrah:  One Who is skilled in all aspects. 

937. gabhiratma: He of deep and profound nature. 

938. vidisah: One Who can be reached from all directions. 

939. vyadisah: He Who appoints the different gods in their respective positions

940. disah: He Who commands.

Shlokha 101:

941. anadih: He Who is not realized by many because of their ignorance

942. bhur-bhuvah: He Who supports that which supports the earth. Sky etc

943. lakshmih: The Wealth.

944. suviro:  Good fighter.

945. rucira’ngadah: He Who bestows His lovely form for His devotees to enjoy.

946. jananah: The Creator.

947. jana-janmadih: He Who is the root cause of all beings

948. bhimah: He Who is frightful to those who do not follow dharma.

949. bhima-parakramya: one who is the all powerful figher.

Shlokha 102:

950. Aadhaaranilayah: One who is the fundamental sustainer

951. Adhaataa: Above whom there is no other to control or to command

952. Pushpahaasah: He who shines like an opening flower.

953. Prajaagarah: Ever-Awaked -He who knows no sleep

954. Oordhvagah: One who walks the path of truth

955Satpaatacharah: One who walks the path of truth.

956. Praanadah: One who gives ‘Praana’ to all.

957. Pranavah: One who is The Infinite reality is indicated by ‘OM’ in the Vedas.

958. Panah: The supreme Manager of the universe.

Shlokha 103:

959. Pramaanam: He whose very form is the Vedas

960. Praananilayah: He in whom all praanas stand established.

961. Praana-brit: He who rules over all Praanas

 962. Praana-jeevanah: He who maintains the life-birth in all living creatures

963. Tattvam: He who isthe Reality that which is eternal

964. Tattvavit: One who has realized fully the reality.

965. Ekaatmaa: Supersoul in the universe.

966. Janma-mrityu-jaraa-atigah: One who has no change or modifications in Himself

Shlokha 104:

967. Bhoor-bhuvas-svas-taruh: One who nurtures the the three lokas.

968. Tarrah: One who helps all to cross -over

969. Savitaa: Hewho is the eternal father of the entire Universe.

970. Pra-pitaamahah: He who is the father of even the Father of all Beings

971. Yajnah: One whose very nature is yajna.

972. Yajna-patih: The lord of all yajnas

973. Yajvaa: The one who performs Yajna according to the strict prescriptions laid down in Vedas.

974. Yajnaangah: One whose limbs are employed in Yajna.

975. Yajna-vaahanah: One who fulfils Yajnas

Shlokha 105:

976. Yajna-bhrit: the ruler of the Yajnas

977. Yajna-Krit: One who performs Yajna

978. Yajnee: One who is constant ‘Enjoyer’ of the perpetual Yajnas

979. Yajnee: All that is offered into the sacred Fire during a Yajna

980. Yajna-saadhanah: One who fulfills all Yajnas.

981. Yajnaantakrit: One who performs the last act in all Yajnas.

982. yagna-guhyam: One who is the most profound truth to be realised in all yajnas

983. Annam: One who has himself become the food

984. Annaadah: Onewho eats the food.

Shlokha 106:

985. Aatma-yohin: One who is himself the material cause

986. Svayam-jaatah: One who is the lord of the universe

987. Vai-Khaanah: The one who dug through the earth

988. saama-gaayanah: One who signs the Saama-songs

989. Devakeenandhanah: He who was born to Devakee in his Incarnation as Krishna

990. Srashtaa: One who creates

991. Kshiteesah: One who is the lord of the earth.

992. Paapa-naasanah: meditating upon whom, all vaasanaas are liquidated.

Shlokha 107:

993. Samkha-bhrit: One who has the divine conch named Paanchajanya

994. Nandakee: The lord’s sword is called Nandaka.

995. Chakree: one who carries the discus called Sudarsana.

996. Saarnga-dhanvaa: One who aims his unerring bow called Saarnga

997. Gadda-dharah: One who holds his divine club (Mace) celebrated as Kaumodakee

998. Rathanga-paanih: One who has the wheel of the chariot as his weapon.

999. Akshobhyah: One who cannot be exasperated by anyone

1000. Sarva-praharanaayudhah: He who has all implements for all kinds of assault and fight.

Sloka 108

Vanamalee gadhee sarnghee Sanghee Chakree ca nandaki |

Sreemaan NaarayaNo VishnurVasuDevOabhirakshathu ||

Sree VasuDeVoabhirakshathu Om Nama: ithi |